Well you learn something new everyday…

I’m 28 yers of age and i’ve only just discovered my dad has a scottish accent!!!

Obviously i knew he was from Scotland but i thought he sounded the same as the rest of my family :/
it wasn’t until my friend pointed out that he had quite a strong accent that i thought to question it – that didn’t go to plan!

Me “dad, did you know you had a scottish accent”

Dad, “what? Of course I do.”

Mum “he hasn’t, he’s irish”

Me “really?! I always thought you were from scotland”

*que hysterical laughter from both parents*

I do wonder how i get through life sometimes. Thankfully my body breathes naturally otherwise I’m pretty sure I’d forget to!



4 thoughts on “Well you learn something new everyday…

  1. I laughed out loud after reading your post!
    Many thanks!

    Ps I’ve just started a blog about looking after my two wee children , any comments or tips wld be really appreciated

  2. It’s always good to know I can make people smile 🙂

    I’m still new to all this blogging myself so still learning but I’m happy to work it out together 🙂

    Have you got a link to your blog? x

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