The stress of socks and stalkers…

Who’d have thought that misplacing a pair of ‘Wednesday’ socks would be so devastating?!  It’s just one of the joys of living with autistic children 😀

I’m not a morning person at all (or an organised one) so picture my usual routine of running around trying to find the uniforms/lunch boxes/ forms that need returning when disaster strikes and I can’t find Danny’s Wednesday socks.  This for most people might not be a big thing, but when it comes to my dear autistic son things couldn’t get any worse!!!  So I had the joy of  trying to coax him into a different pair of socks – not easy!  I gave him ones with blue stars on but they were too small (they fit perfectly but hey ho), another pair were too annoying (feeling a goldilocks theme coming on here) we even suggested wearing his Thursday socks a day early as it would be “funny” – the response to this last attempt was to have the socks thrown back at me and a torrent of moaning that “it’s Wednesday not Thursday  I can’t wear Wednesday socks on a Thursday because Thursday socks are meant for Thursdays”.  After 40 minutes, we finally settled on a ‘pair’ of grey socks. I say pair, they were actually 2 different types and 2 different shades of grey but THIS he was happy with!!!  Note to self – Thursday socks on a Wednesday is a big no, no but completely different socks makes perfect sense???!!!


I hoped that would be the last of the stressful situations for the day, but I was wrong…

I have just had the pleasure and embarrassment of walking home from the nursery playgroup in front of my postman.  Doesn’t sound stressful?  You’re not factoring a 4 year old insisting as loud as humanly possible that the postman is following you and won’t leave you alone.  Cute the first time, yes.  Cute the second time, maybe but when it gets to the 9th time and she’s really panicking and shouting at him to go away and stop following us, definately not cute!!!  I tried explaining that he had to walk behind us so he could deliver the letters, as always she had an answer – “he’s not our postman, he looks different, he’s not allowed to come to our house mummy.  Only the red postman and the postman with a hat can come to our house”.

And it’s not even 1 o’clock yet…


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