You know it’s been a long day when…

I give up for today. In the last 30 minutes i’ve managed to: 1) forget that i had headphones in my ears AND in the laptop causing me to almost garrote myself when getting up for a drink 2) get Bill Gates and Stephen Hawkins mixed up – I know I’m not the brightest button in the box but even for me this is worrying :/ 3) after deciding to go to bed and read, it has taken me 4 pages to realise the book I’m reading on the kindle is actually a children’s book that i was reading to the poppy and her friend outside of the playgroup earlier and not Fifty Shades of Grey (have to be thankful I got the books muddled tonight rather than today otherwise it could have been very awkward !!!) Time to call it a night and try and recharge my brain!!!


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