Seeing red…literally!

My house feels like it should have crime scene tape across all the doors and windows  and everybody who dares enters should be dressed in hazmat suits because there are that many germs flying around here at the moment.  On top of a contaminated house (including myself) I have an assignment that is about 500 words short of being finished before being handed in on Thursday.  

Uni work + 3 sick kids = never going to happen!!!


After spending majority of the morning attempting to get my assignment written whilst being a referee to every little squabble imaginable (autistic kids are particular at the best of times but when they’re ill they’re 100 times pickier!!!) I decided to let them play upstairs so that I could have an hours peace and quiet to finally finish my work.

Everything was going fine, the kids were quiet (I really should have known better – silence is the BIGGEST sign that children are up to no good) and then I heard the tell tale sounds of Milly Moo splashing around in the bathroom.  She’s not allowed in there unsupervised otherwise my house will turn into something close to the flood in Noah’s Ark.

 I bounded up the stairs, trying to get to the taps before my floor was swimming to be greeted by something that resembled a scene from Carrie!  Before me stood two VERY red little girls!!!!

It turns out that Poppy had decided it would be a good idea to go into my bedroom (which is completely off bounds to the monsters) have a rummage around until she found some nail varnish (bright red of all colours) and then paint Milly’s nails followed by her own (or in this case, hands, arms, feet, legs and anywhere else that looked a bit dull).

So half a bottle of nail varnish remover later I have two slightly pink, acetone smelling children, an almost empty bottle of nail varnish and a very stressed mummy!

Oh well, maybe the pungent smell of nail varnish remover that has swept through my house (had to use it to clean my sink and bath too) might miraculously kill the germs so I can pack the kiddiewinks to school tomorrow and complete my essay in peace and quiet…well I can hope 😀


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