time for wine!!!

I’m not one to drink in the house but tonight definately calls for a large glass (or two) and some ice cream.

It’s been a reasonably trouble free day, bits of moaning here and there but that’s all part and parcel of being a mum.  And then dinner happened…

Anybody who knows my kids would assume that a dinner disaster would involve Milly Moo (she didn’t eat for the first 2 1/2 years of her life) but no, she was happily tucking in while Poppy was crying that she would never ever eat fishfingers and Danny was refusing to eat chips.  This isn’t a dinner that we normally eat so I had (like any mummy of asd kids knows) prewarned them what they were having and checked it was all ok.

After a minute of two of protesting, poppy was at the table eating alongside Milly – Danny was now at the table but had decided that the chips were soggy, fishfingers were sloppy and he was only eating peas (seriously, he won’t eat chips but peas are ok?!!!).  This went on all the way through dinner and for a long time afterwards and because he hadn’t eaten his dinner it meant that he wasn’t allowed something nice (this has always been the rule, they have to eat most of their dinner and at least try everything on their plate) and that’s when the real fun began!!!

The 3 hour enslaught that followed involved him screaming, kicking, pinching throwing toys at me and me nearly cracking my head open all whilst trying to calm him down and getting him to bed.

It’s time like these where the autism is the hardest to handle.  These are the times that people never see.  They just see a very bright little boy who is beautifully behaved.  They don’t see the battles, the bruises the heartbreak and the tears.  And all over something as small and insignificant as fishfingers and chips.

The good news is we’re both friends now, have had a kiss and a cuddle and all 3 kids are sound asleep.  Tomorrow’s a new day to start fresh and see what excitement it brings for me to cope with.  For now there’s a glass of wine calling me and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s with my name on.


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