Easter through the eyes of children…

We talk to our kids about a lot of things, but religion isn’t really one of them (I have absolutely nothing against religion but not sure whereabouts I stand in regards to it either) so when Danny and Poppy came home from school and nursery talking about why we have Easter and hot cross buns yesterday I was a bit taken a back.  This didn’t last for long as Poppy started chattering away about how she’s knows all about a man called Cheese-us, who lives on a cross!!!  

Danny soon joined in by correcting her and telling her that Jesus didn’t live on the cross, he was killed there.  I was quite impressed that he’d taken all this information in until he informed that “at Easter, Jesus is going to come back to life and come to our house to mend the cut on my finger”.  I tried explaining that it doesn’t quite work like that and that Jesus wouldn’t be coming to our house on Sunday, only to be told in Danny’s best know it all voice that I was wrong and that Jesus is a very special man, even if he doesn’t wear any clothes.  No trousers, tops, shoes or socks – but he can still fix cuts wearing just his towel and his hat!!! (I suppose to a 5 year old a crown of thorns could be a good hat???).  By this point I couldn’t stop laughing. I sometimes forget at how beautiful the innocence of children can be and how differently they see the world.  Everything is so simple for them, no matter what problems or issues they have the way they see something is exactly how it is.

 The only problem I have now is that  come Monday morning, I’m going to have a very disappointed little boy with a cut still on his finger…



3 thoughts on “Easter through the eyes of children…

  1. This made me smile! I can do a lot wearing just a towel too… usually on a Sunday after I get out of the bath and I re-do the dishes and the tidying up the family did to help me! 😀

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