it’s been a while…

Life has been a bit hectic over the last few months, between exams, dealing with my bipolar ups and downs, sports days, assemblies and lots of school transitions as well as just plodding along with daily life I’ve hardly had a minute to sit down and document the fun and fiascos we’ve had.

Now the summer holidays have finally arrived and I have a bit more time on my hands I’m back in the world of blogging 😀

So here’s a quick catch up of what’s been going on with us, I’ve had revision and exams during May and June and surprised myself by actually passing my first year at uni.  The kids have competed in sports days (and did fabulous) and both Danny and Poppy had their first end of year assembly where they stood up in front of the whole school PLUS parents.  Danny coped exceptionally considering the difficulty he had coping during the Christmas play and Poppy showed us that she is just a little star in the making and we’re now looking for somewhere for her to go to a drama and dancing class (not in a pushy parent way, just as a fun weekend activity).  School reports also came out for Danny and Pops and both were brilliant with Danny excelling in everything (Poppy’s wasn’t that detailed as she’s only just finished nursery).  Needless to say we are both very proud parents and am amazed at how much progress all 3 munchkins have made since the start of the school year.

With school finished it was time for a summer holiday, we all needed a break and it was fab.  The kids were in their element, learning to ride bikes, archery lessons, fencing lessons, football training, penny arcades, walks on the beach, nature scavenger hunts – it couldn’t have been any better!

The kids all ready for their bike riding lesson

The kids all ready for their bike riding lesson

We’re home now and adjusting back to a new routine of no school ( a few hiccups with Danny but he’s handling it much better than expected), the sun’s still shining (a rarity for a summer in England!!!!) and we have lots of fun activities planned to keep little minds busy and me smiling 😀

It’s times like these where everything is sunny and relatively carefree, when the kids are happy and enjoying life that makes the hard times easier.


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